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Lucy Leonard

Children’s story analysis.

The genre of my children’s story book is an entertaining read in which it explores the different places in which animals live. Thus, as this being a children’s story the audience is primarily targeted at three to five year olds of both gender due to the story exploring certain interests of children at this age which typically can include learning and reading about particular animals and what they do, what they look like and more, as well as other entertaining yet educating subjects which are in the children’s interest. The key purpose of this particular story is to entertain the specific audience due to the age range for this story being young and so, is vital to be entertaining to make it enjoyable for the audience and will pursue them to continue to read. The story also conveys a secondary purpose, which is to be educational for the audience. As, the story is educating the audience on particular animals and their habitats yet remains entertaining. As a result the audience are receiving vital benefits from the story as they learning and being entertained at the same time, which will result in further reading, which the parents of the particular audience will be guaranteed and assured by the purpose of the story.

        In addition, throughout the duration of the story the register remains unchanged and is somewhat formal. This particular register is used by both the narrator and the characters. This is done predominately to remain educating in the way in which language should be used in day to day living and between individuals yet maintains its entertaining purpose. “well Marcy I live here 9n this big field filled with lots…” this piece of text conveys that the register used in the story remains educational to the audience as it allows the reader to read how characters are communicating and can listen to how it is being spoken and will pick up on this particular feature and allows the story to be manageable to understand and keep in mind so not to forget vital parts of it. It also reads more clearly and flowingly and is accessible for the audience of such a young age. “Hello Marcy, what can I do for you today…” this shows the effect of formal and simple lexis and conveys how it speeds up the text yet is easy to digest for a young reader and will be remembered by the reader as it is not complex. By reason of the genre, the register is that much more appropriate as it controls simplicity and legibility because the lexis is uncomplicated and suits the particular genre, audience and purpose. “Early one sunny morning…” shows how the lexis is simplified for a younger reader and allows them to take it in and understand yet be entertained at the same time.

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        Consequently, with this simple type of lexis being pursued throughout also, various syntax was also maintained throughout to maintain entertainment and also is still understandably educational for the audience and its purpose. A number of sentence functions were used throughout the story. This was done primarily to keep the story lively and enjoyable but also to educate the particular audience about different types of syntax which could be inherited by them due to it being used in a story which they enjoy. A specific interrogative sentence is repeated throughout the story, “ where do you live?” this is carried out ...

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