Should Canada Be In Afghanistan?

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Should Canada Be In Afghanistan?         The topic of Canadians participating in the Afghan war is a very controversial subject. I believe that Canadians should step up and become peace-makers and make a change for the citizens being controlled by the Taliban because it would improve our reputation, improve the Afghan economy, and we need to protect national and international security. Firstly, this participating in this war will have a positive effect on Canada’s reputation. According to the National Post newspaper, Canada is known as a soft, outmoded peace-keeping country. Instead of this, we will create a new image
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of Canada as the helpful, hardy, peace-making country. By improving our reputation, Canada can come out of America’s shadow and have a much more positive and influential lead over others. This will prove that Canada is an active country, not a follower. It shows that Canadians have a big heart to care and make a difference in the world. According to Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Canada's involvement in Afghanistan is "certainly raising Canada's leadership role, once again, in the United Nations and in the world community where we used to have an important leadership role." Therefore, by participating in the ...

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