Should The Voting Age Be Lowered To 13?

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Zoe O’Connor

Should The Voting Age Be Lowered to 13?

If the voting age was to be lowered to thirteen, today's youth may act differently. Holding the right to vote might instil responsibility and purpose into teens. The voting age should be lowered to 13, so that way, teens who want to submit their choice of candidate have the freedom to do so. Teens should be able to voice their opinions in regard to political issues and be treated the same as adults. A large percentage of teenagers are highly intelligent and should therefore be allowed to vote.

At 18, most people would have the necessary knowledge, mental maturity as well as experience to make an informed voting decision. Many would argue that thirteen is far too young an age to be able to vote.

However, students should be educated about politics, economics and international affairs and prove they are knowledgeable before being granted the privilege to vote. In some places, the capital provides a mock election allowing the participating students to vote for their favourite candidate. This process helps teens to truly think about who they would pick and is therefore a good  experience. They should know what their reasons are for voting for the particular candidate he or she has chosen. Many teens are quite intelligent, there are teens I have heard of that have taken and passed college level tests at the ages of 13 and 14.

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The minimum voting age, in some ways, would act as a ceiling for other age limits. In the UK, the age for sexual consent and criminal responsibility would vary from area to area, but at the moment they are never above 18. The minimum drinking age is 18, but it took a national law to accomplish this exception. Therefore, if the voting age is lowered to even 16, many areas will push down their age for criminal responsibility and consent to conform to the voting age ceiling.

It is, though, important to be a responsible voter; teenagers need ...

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