Show how the Author of One flew over the cuckoos nest uses more than one story to present the central ideas in the text?

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Show how the Author of a prescribed text uses more than one story to present the central ideas in the text?

The novel “One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest” is a novel in which several inner stories are used to convey the main idea and aid in the readers understanding of the text. In particular the story of the narrator, Chief Bromden offers us the greatest clues to the central ideas portrayed. His story is one about a journey towards sanity, but also it is a representation of not only the events occurring in the ward but also in society and the outside world.

        Chief Bromden’s story begins in his childhood in which he viewed and experienced societal oppression as part of his daily life. His father fought against this oppression for many years until he was eventually beaten into submission and forced to give up his tribes land to the government. To Bromden he viewed this metaphorically as his father becoming small and inturn he himself became small and insignificant to the world and society in which the “belonged”. “I used to be big, but not no more” page 170

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This beginning to Chief Bromden’s story acts as an introduction to the reader into the circumstances within the ward. We are shown early on that the members of the ward live under the same oppressive conditions that Bromden and his Father lived under and that the patients are reduced to former shadows of themselves. For this reason it is easy to see that Bromden’s story provides the clearest links between the ward and society.

In the book this state of repression or “insanity” is represented by a fog that chief Bromden see when he slips back into conformity and insanity. ...

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