Streetcar Named Desire

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General Setting

The Play  “Streetcar Named Desire” by Tennessy Williams is about the destiny of a Women who tries to rebuild her life in the early 1950s, the postwar America,  after loosing nearly everything, her family her wealth and her possession. She she moves to her sister and tries to keep her luxury lifestyle by creating her own world full of desire, lies and making-believe. The play is named after one of the New Orleans streetcars that protagonist Blanche DuBois rides on her way to her sisters appartment, foreshadowing her desterny, from(her unfulfilled) Desire to Cemetery(symbolizing death, or the loss of reality) and a street called Elysian Fields (ancient mythological land of the dead) (p.11/l.6-8)

The setting of the play is distinguished by the importance of New Orleans, because the city is full of contrasts like the old French architecture and the modern and new rhythms of jazz music. The Old  World is mixed with the modern life which brings poverty with it. The Americans associate New Orleans with desire and a very direct kind of sexuality . The theme of old and new is important throughout the whole play, Blanche and her sister Stella lived their youth in the family mansion called “Belle Reve” which is French and means “Beautuiful Dream” but this beautiful life is lost forever. Stella changes her lifestyle and beginns a new life in New Orleans with her husband Stanley. But Blanche can not let go her luxury lifestyle. Nearly the whole play takes place in the small, confining appartment of Stella and Stanley, the conflict unavoidable between the three of them because of the lack of space and the hot, oppressive weather.

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The Society Depicted

The society depicted in this play is split into two classes which are the total opposide of one another. These two extremly contrasting lifestyles meet one another because of the distinct backgrounds of the main characters. Stella and Blanche Du Bois were raised on a wealthy plantation shaped by tradition, luxus and an upper-class society. Blanche shows her high-class background to everyone by her appearance, she is perfumed, well dressed, and soft-spoken. While Stanley Kowalski represents the opposide backgroung and lifestyle, he is a polish man of “solid blue-colour stock”. Stanley and his friends ...

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