Summer reflective essay

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Aimée Bremner

        Summer, for a young child it evokes thoughts of long sunny days making sand castles and dashing in and out of the cold salty water at the beach, maybe birthday parties with cake and paper hats, songs and face painting, being chased around with sun-tan lotion or even just spending a day at the park. For the average teenager of today the word summer brings to mind a time to be spent with friends, whether they're at a party drinking, laughing and dancing or at each others houses watching scary films in their pyjamas, munching popcorn and gossiping. For the adults among us it's simply a time to just relax and take a break from the stresses of daily life. Summer brings about the thoughts of a holiday for all, but sadly different people have different opinions of what a 'holiday' truly is. It seems to be very rare that you will find a teenager with the same taste in holidays as their parents and me and my family are no acception.

        My parents believe that a holiday spent in the sun is just marvellous. Sunbathing, sight-seeing, long walks and dining out every night at a different place sounds just brilliant to them, not to me however. Not even close. When you're young enough you'll go anywhere, do anything and still manage to be amused or even be able to amuse yourself  but for a sixteen-year-old it's a different story completely.

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        For the first time I realised that I hated being abroad. There were many factors that attributed to this repulsive feeling: the heat, the fact I burned. my. feet., the lack of my little brother, the lack of social interaction, the lack of entertainment! Basically, the lack of everything normal to me. This frustrated me. Immensely. And to make matters worse I had my parents nipping at my heels for me to do something productive.

        Over the course of the holiday I tried many things to amuse myself: sunbathing, swimming, shopping, walking, talking but there was simply nothing to ...

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