Text Comparision of Two Rcipes for Curry. Text I was produced in 1747 and was taken from the the art of cookery made plain and simple by Hannah Glass. Text J was produced in, 1998 by Ainsly Harriot

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By reference to both texts and to ideas of language study describe and comment on what these texts show about development of language and style over time.

Both text I and text J are recipes for different types of curries. Text I was produced in 1747 and was taken from the “the art of cookery made plain and simple” by Hannah Glass. Text J was produced in, 1998 by Ainsly Harriot from his book “meals in Minutes”.  Both recipes are taken from cookery books whose names suggest the recipes will be simple.

The first significant difference I saw was the difference in the texts graphology. They are presented in very different ways, text J stands out as a more typical recipe, something I am more familiar with, it includes clear separations between the ingredients and instructions, also including helpful information about the recipes nutritional values.  It’s clear layout makes it easy for someone who intends on making this dish to buy the ingredients prior to making it. They could simply take the book or a copy of the page into a supermarket and buy the ingredients as they are also provided with the precise quantities, e.g 400g of can coconut milk. Text I was produced before the standardisation of measurements, so it is less precise. There are clear lines separating the different sections of text J, which makes it easy for the cook to understand what section, they are in. For example if they take the recipe shopping they need to look at the middle section then when they get home they move onto the next.

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However, Text I is laid out in a paragraph incorporating the ingredients and instructions altogether at the same time. Text I is a recipe most probably used by a cook, whose job it is to cook for the house and who will be cooking constantly, therefore the recipe has rightly assumed they will have the ingredients all ready stored in a pantry of some sort. This is why it is unnecessary to list the ingredients before hand.  This recipe is written with as if the cook had read it before starting whereas Text J is written as if you were ...

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