The 3 common misconceptions - signs of the manipulative consciousness.

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Part 1 - The 3 common misconceptions; signs of the manipulative Consciousness.

When people say that you have complete control of your life, and that there is no fate, and that you alone decide what happens and so on....they get horribly confused in what is meant by that. A very large portion of people. Just like a large group of people seem to have no idea what is meant by "equality" and what is meant by "we are all equal". In conclusion, you have all these people raving and flaring about how everyone is equal and there is no discrimination or segregation and all this other horribly far-fetched nonsense. When it is said that "we are all equal", it is meant that in this particular country, we all technically have equal rights and opportunities. This by far, does not make anyone "equal" genetically, mentally, physically, or on any other level.

When it is said that you have complete control of your life, it is meant that you have complete control of your life in relevance to what it is, or in relevance to how it was granted to you. If you were at the wheel of a 3-wheeled car, and you have access to the pedals, gas, break, wheel to turn the car...then yes, you are in complete control of the car...which has 3 wheels. Regardless of how hard you may try to steer it accurately, you will only be able to reach the limit of what a 3 wheeled car grants you concerning mobility. It does not matter how much effort you put into it. When you are given the task to build a lego house out of blocks, you have complete control of how you build it, what you make of it, and how many and what blocks you use....out of the 10 blocks given to you, of 2 types of blocks, 5 of each type. What you do with those blocks, and how you do it, is up to you, it doesn't matter; but there is a severe limit on what your outcome will be. If you are born with no legs....yes, you have complete control of your life - in relevance to the life you've been granted. You may want to choose to enter running in the Olympics all you want, but it won't happen, regardless of what you want or what you choose or how much effort you put into it.

Fate? Luck? Predestination? Call it what you wish. The result is nevertheless the same, therefore never be fooled into thinking you have no limits in your life, or that you have completely unconditional control of your life or where it is heading.

Every now and then I find people claiming that I try to act or make myself godly, and all this other hogwash which I personally do not strive towards, nor do I show any signs from which this conclusion could be accurately made. But, instead, I do have an alternative proposition. First of all, relative superiority/inferiority exist; that is something humans condemned themselves towards a long time ago.

Many [most] people in our society currently enjoy believing that superiority and inferiority don't exist. While technically they don't universally, in our society it once more couldn't be further from the truth.

Our society creates favorable conditions for superiority and inferiority to exist, by setting a standard/norm, which automatically sets the ground zero target point from which to derive all it's conclusions and relevance concerning everything that does not fall into the norm. Maybe if our society was a bit more individualistic, rather, housed more individuals than the homogenized mass it currently harbors, then there wouldn't be so much room for "norm" and "standard", due to the extreme diversification...but that is not the case. But, since our society can't get itself out of it's damn mess, what's the next best thing it does? Tries to bring down and condemn any superiority.
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There are countless methods it uses in accomplishing this task. One sly manner in which it does this, has to do with personality and mental [disorders]. While I must admit many of these [disorders] do indeed hinder one's life and/or daily activities, as the terms would imply they do, on the other hand there are many which actually allow for one's growth to exceed that of those who do not have these [disorders].

The other day someone showed me a personality disorder result from a test, telling me it matched me. It was a narcissistic personality ...

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