The Good and Bad of Modern Technology

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Chester Liao Ong

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        Centuries ago, if a woman had visited a town hall and announced that kept in the convenience of her pocket is a contraption that could store thousands of songs, send messages to the most distant of people, and gain access to information at any given time, this woman would have most likely been burned on a stake for having been accused of being a witch. Today, things have changed.

Humanity over the centuries has been able to develop and modernize technology, or in other words, develop devices derived from scientific knowledge which are able to enhance and simplify the process of meeting our needs. Basic physiological needs such as food, water, and sleep are aided by efficient and effective machinery such as trucks that transport our food or water filters that keep water clean and safe. As we progress to more advanced needs, we see that communication falls under one of these as man is a social creature. Global communication networks address these, thus a world where it is incredibly easy to be in contact with someone of great distance only in a matter of seconds through e-mail, text, instant messaging, or phone call is created. However, a problem emerges in such a society.

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It has come to the point where technology does not only change the efficiency of how people do things, but it also changes who they are. People have become addicted to cyber romance, changing their ideals by destroying the intimacy of face to face interaction that is the foundation and basis of any meaningful relationship while replacing it with vague and artificial bits of information from another person, thus human interaction has become less authentic.

Communications technology has connected the world through a simple, fast, and efficient manner of exchanging information; unfortunately it has made human interaction less intimate, ...

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