The Great Gatenby.

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The Great Gatenby

"'Which one of us is which, sir?' I asked, then wished I hadn't as Gilligan lit up like a fireworks display." (Marsden, 1989; 81) That is the story of Erle Gatenby's first term at Linley. A normal teenager troubled by going to school, teachers, girls, and, of course, getting into trouble.

Since the first day at his new school Erle had a crush on the rebellious, sexy Melanie Tozer. During the course of the novel they developed a steady relationship, which caused them to become isolated from their friends and receive unwanted attention from teachers, especially Gilligan. "He had a line about how spending so much time in each others company meant that we were antisocial and were isolating ourselves from 'the group'." (Marsden, 1989; 41)

Erle and Melanie had a major influence on each other that drove them towards a lot of trouble. Smoking was the cause of most of this but it seemed to bring them closer together. It is a daily routine for them to sneak out and go to their favourite spot for a quiet smoke.
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Getting into trouble was not the only thing they had in common. They were both good in the water, Erle at swimming, Melanie at diving. They both shared the experience of the early 6 o'clock training session. The more they saw each other, the stronger their relationship seemed to get. During the early stages of the relationship they didn't take their sporting commitments very seriously, but over the course of the novel they became more dedicated towards their respective sports. This then leads to both Erle and Melanie quitting smoking and showing everyone how good they are at ...

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