The internet: todays evolution or tomorrows menace

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Topic: The internet: today’s evolution or tomorrow’s menace

         My fellow students and teacher, good morning. My name is Tamara Brown and I am here to argue the topic, the internet: today’s evolution or tomorrow’s menace. According to the Encarta dictionary an evolution is ‘the gradual development of something into a more complex or better form’ and from the same dictionary, menace means ‘a possible source of danger or harm’. Today I will argue that the evolution of the internet outweighs the menace of the internet.

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         What was it like before the internet was invented? The library was about the only place you could get resources and it took forever to find what you were looking for. Information was also found orally and meant walking from one person to another if one did not satisfy you.  My research shows that information is one of the biggest advantages of the internet.  Because of the internet information was easily sourced and it made people’s lives easier.  

Research shows that the internet was mainly developed for communication, and it is the most primary use; Because of the internet ...

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