The Sealand Woman.

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Edward Chiang

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The Sealand Woman

The Sealand woman was dressed in white, she had perfect, white teeth and creamy, white skin with dusty pink cheeks. Her face was sculpted perfectly, and she was totally self-confident. She had blond, short hair. She has a better trained telepathic power to send picture thoughts half away around the world with Petra from Labrador. The Sealand woman has some personalities that are similar and different with Joseph Storm’s personalities. She and Joseph Storm are both ignorant but the Sealand woman accepts changes while Joseph Storm wouldn’t accept changes and rather stay the same. The Sealand woman appearance was described by David as “all new and perfect”. David and Rosalind couldn’t believe someone could be so “untouched and unflawed”. Although the perfection may be artificial (makeup), it seems like the Sealand Woman is the real “true image”. The Sealand woman is the Chrysalids’ lifeline in the story and if it wasn’t her, David will never know there is such a city in the world because “knowing makes all the difference.”

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        Although the book itself does not tell much about the Sealand Woman, but the conflicts she goes through can be seen in different ways. The Sealand Woman was struggling to get the permission to come to Labrador because it is “such an immense distance” which is more than twice as far as any of the Sealanders has traveled. She only got the permission to go there because of Petra’s exceptional communication skills. Besides what is told in the book about the Sealand woman, she also has her own struggles in Sealand, we learned about the Sealand Woman in ...

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