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'The Trojan War'.

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Paper 1 Practice Commentary on Menelaus and Helen by Rupert Brooke Menelaus and Helen are the main characters of the poem, hence, its title. This draws the readers' attention mostly to the characters rather than to the Trojan myth. The title could have been, 'The Trojan War', but rather than doing this, Brooke focused mostly on the main characters, for the poem is more about them, than about the actual happening of the Trojan War. The perspective, and of whose point of view the poem has been written, does not change. It is always from Menelaus point of view of what is happening. Both in part one which describes the scene of the Trojan War, and how Helen has been captured by Paris and is token away from Menelaus, and in part two, which talks about the future, and supposition of how Menelaus and Helen would be years after, it is all Menelaus' point of view, and not Brookes. ...read more.


In the second part of the poem, Brooke analyses the scene and gives his opinion, "perfect knight", in the third stanza he continues analyzing, he writes about Menelaus thoughts. So there is a clear distinction between the writer and the persona, we can tell whether or not the character and voice is in the poem or not. Brooke does not only state the facts, he is writing as if he could read Menelaus' mind and thoughts about his future with Helen, he then goes back to telling the facts and what actually happened when they got old, relating the facts, being omniscient and analyzing what happens, this enriches our comprehension about what is going on. The poem does not have a formal structure. Although we can depict some rhymes at the end of lines, they do not follow a regular pattern. There is also some sense of symmetry, for the stanzas are reasonably the same length. The poem is divided into two parts, the firs one which is a myth and the second one which is the reality. ...read more.


Brooke does not literally mean that Helens voice is gold. Brooke does not need to tell the readers that Helen is a feminine woman, because, by saying that her voice is golden, that is already noticed by who reads the poem. helen e esposa d menelaus e foi kidnapped por paris. Isso causou o battle of trojans (quando menelaus tava tentando capture a esposa dele devolta) e essa battle demorou 10 anos. entao... na primeira parte do poema, o poeta ta describing como menelaus captures helen, como foi dificil e como ele tinha raiva dela... no stanza 2, e qndo ele encontra ela finalmente e meio q comeca a lembrar das coisas boas dela... no part 2 do poema, o poeta ta describing o future deles juntos depois da battle e q n era boa eles envelheceram juntos e meio q tristes... entao meio q tah falando q qm saiu ganhando tlvz era o paris q acabou morrendo young, sem ter q sofrer essa aging sad experience sabe e ai c fala q o part 1 do poema � myth e q part 2 � reality... Alessandra Glogowsky L6 English HW ...read more.

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