The two main reasons for Henchard's downfall.

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In my opinion the two main reasons for Henchard’s downfall is his own personality and woman. These two are intertwined together and on their own may not have caused Henchard’s downfall but together they spell disaster. The three main women in the book all play major parts in Henchard’s downfall. Although it usually is set off by something done by Henchard’s because of his hastiness  

        The very first chapter in the book shows the reader Henchard’s hastiness and the role of women in his downfall. When he is offer to sell his wife as idol conjecture but then takes it too far and sells her for ‘ 5 guineas’ and the promise of a ‘good home’. When we next see Henchard it appears that his hastiness has helped him because he has kept his promise of earning ‘a thousand pounds’ and has become the mayor of Casterbridge but it is later shown as the first step to his down fall.

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        When we next see Henchard his hastiness is shown again when he hires Farfrae on the spare of the moment because he has ‘taken’ to him. By hiring Farfrae Henchard ignores his promise to Jop and when Jop later arrives for the job Henchard is flippant in the manner he tells Jop that there is now job left. This is a prime example of how Henchard’s hastiness becomes his undoing as later both Jop and Farfrae become an instrument of Henchard’s downfall.

        We next see the combination of women and Henchard’s hastiness when he proposes marriage to Susan and forgets ...

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