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The whale rider, in my opinion is far more than just a children’s book, there are many themes that run throughout the book that you generally do not encounter in your stereotypical children’s book, including that of racism, death, sexism, that I feel make it much more than a book primarily for children, moreover there are elements of the book that you could argue are aimed at children, for example the

There are numerous moments throughout the Whale Rider, where racism is encountered, this primarily occurs with Jeff’s mother Clara. When Rawkiri moves to Papua New Guinea with his friend Jeff, Jeff’s mother is not best pleased with her son’s decision to do this and this is expressed from the first moment she meets him

“Although Jeff had told her I was a Maori, it was obvious I was still too dark” and “I could almost hear he wondering, oh my goodness how am I going to explain this to women at the Bridge Club”, Furthermore these are not the only instances of his mother making derogatory comments on Rawkiri due to his heritage/nationality, she is clearly embarrassed by his presence at a wedding and at the reception she says to another guest “He’s a friend of Jeff’s. You know our Jeff, always bringing home dogs and strays”

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In addition to this, there is one major incident in which racism is clearly shown, on the way back from the wedding, there is an accident involving a native man who is run over by Jeff when they are driving, and as Rawkiri goes to get out of the car to check to see if the man is alright, Clara stops him from getting a car saying to him “Its only a native” and after Rawkiri expresses his desire to aid the man like most would, Clara again expresses her thoughts telling Jeff to “leave him there” moreover, when ...

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