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Thematic and Information Structures

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Thematic and Information Structures In this paper, I pretend to show how the information is presented in two different languages, English and Spanish. I have used three texts in order to get more features for comparison. 1.How Life Begins Se ha determinado en varios animales el tiempo que necesita el espermatozoide para alcanzar el �vulo y fecundarlo. EN el ser humano se calcula en unaa dos o tres horas. M�s o menos una de cada diez, la mujer deposita dos �vulos, productores potenciales de mellizos no id�nticos si ambos son fecuandados. Hay constancia de dos casos extraordinarios en que tales mellizos no eran del mismo padre, lo cual se comprob� f�cilmente porque los padres eran de origen �tnico diferente. En otras ocasiones un �vulo fecuandado, como resultado de alguna circunstancia desconocida dentro de la c�lula, da origen a dos embriones en lugar de uno, caso en que se desarrollar�n dos gemelos id�nticos. The time required for the sperm to reach the egg and bring about fertilization has been determined in various animals. In the human it is estimated at some two or three hours. ...read more.


That gives higher communicative value to the fronted element, in this case the important topic is the time so it's logical that they receive the focus. Consequently, we find a major parallelism of themes in the English version. Another case of "pasiva refleja" can be seen in the second sentence, "it is estimated/ se calcula." In English the object comes to be the visible subject of the passive while in Spanish it has not why appear. In this way, Spanish is more economical because although less cohesive, it eliminates the given and inferable information. In both texts, the existential clauses allow the speakers to produce utterances where all information is relatively new. They are employed to maintain end-focus, end-weight and keep the progression from given to new information. 2.The p***k of a Needle Los expertos en acupuntura pueden advertir un ataque al coraz�n meses antes de que la m�s refinada t�cnica occidental logre apreciar alg�n s�ntoma. Con un juego de agujas se ataja el agudo dolor de la jaqueca, se remedia la artritis, finalizan las torturas del ulceroso del est�mago y se llevan a cabo operaciones de cirug�a mayor. ...read more.


It will bob safely through hurricanes that can sink great ships. And for most practical purposes glass lasts forever. In 1954, 18 bottles were salvaged from a ship sink 250 years before off the English coast. The liquor in them was unrecognisable, but the bottles were good as new. It is impossible to predict the direction a bottle will take. Of two bottles dropped together off the Brazilian coast, one drifted east for 130 days and was found on a beach in Africa; the other floated northwest for 190 days, reaching Nicaragua. In the first sentence the Spanish text seems to be more noticeable, a Cs is more effective appearing in initial position than an adverbial, the second case can be considered more marked. The 3rd sentence also remarks more 18 bottles because the passive helps to place the focus on the object while the Spanish passive has avoided to put the subject in the first place. From these texts, we can compare extraposition in both languages. As it has been explained before, extraposition implies that the element removed to end position is replaced by a pronoun. In Spanish we don't find this replacement. ...read more.

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