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To His Coy Mistress, Andrew Marvell Analysis

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´╗┐Andrew Marvell: Final Essay It has been said that To His Coy Mistress is more about acting on the carpe diem ideal, than it is about love & l**t. To what extent do you think this is true? Andrew Marvell was a 17th century English poet, parliamentarian and satirist. He belonged to a group commonly known as? the metaphysical poets? which included/involved several famous poets such as John Donne or George Herbert. Their style was characterized by their unusual use of language to explore the vast questions about love, the carnal intercourse, the earth, the universe, the divine, the idea of existence or the truth just to mention a few. The use of images and word play revealed these complex ideas and feelings through wit, irony and humour especially in the surprising metaphors and similes, but also in the metaphysical conceits. Andrew Marvell in this metaphysical line, explored the carpe diem ideal and the theme of love and l**t in his poem To His Coy Mistress, first published in 1681. His poem is the monologue of a man who woos his mistress by pressing her to give into a carnal intercourse (which bears the idea of love and l**t), because time pursues them and the end seems near. We will consider each of these themes, in order to define if To His Coy Mistress is more about acting on the carpe diem ideal than it is about love and l**t. ...read more.


It is to this end that language is rich of images, metaphors and references like the ones given in examples earlier. Hence, the effects on me and probably other readers is that reading this poem makes you feel a little bit better about things like time. Because at some point, everyone has probably felt like in a race against the clock, and the narrator of the poem express a similar feeling which makes us feel close to him. Furthermore the three stanzas composing Marvell's poem appears to be structured as a logical argument in favour of an epicurean ideal which is represented by the carpe diem. Thereby, if we look closely to the lines 1 ?Had we but world enough and time? , 21 ?But at my back I always hear? and 33 ?now therefore, while the youthful hue? which are the beginning of each stanzas we can clearly see the narrator 's argument. This argument is that if they had enough world and time he would woo her forever, but they do not, therefore they should give into s****l intercourse before it is too late. For these reasons, we can conclude on the outstanding importance of acting on the carpe diem ideal in Andrew Marvell's poem, owing to the great use of metaphors, historical events and the allusions which creates an ubiquitous aspect of the time and so of the carpe diem ideal. ...read more.


the readers it can be seen immoral at some point due to the striking images of the mistress being eaten by worms because of her long preserved virginity she refused to loose with his lover. Knowing that Andrew Marvell is from the 17th Century it is interesting to see that his poem was not following the puritan context of his time nor the ideology of his father who was a Church of England Clergyman. Here we can conclude on a certain importance of the themes of love and l**t, but it seems obvious to state that compared to the carpe diem ideal they do not have the same status. Particularly because love and l**t are simply the excuse to approach the carpe diem subject and deliver a powerful plea of the epicurean philosophy and the epitome of the carpe diem ideal. This carpe diem work is more concerned with process of persuasion, and persuasion implies a use of the feeling that is the reason why the themes of love and l**t were essential to this poem. Finally To His Coy Mistress is more about acting on the carpe diem ideal than it is about love and l**t but this carpe diem work would not have been possible without the themes of love and l**t being explored. It is the merging of the three themes that permits this striking work on the famous idea of the carpe diem. ...read more.

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