To see my daughter being born was my happiest moment

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My happiness

             Kriiiing..... Kriiiing..... The telephone rang. It was eight in the morning, on a snowy winter day. We received a long-awaited phone call from ST. Luke’s Medical Center. A nice young lady with a soft voice let us know that there was an open room available and to come as soon as possible my wife could be prepped for induction. After hanging up the phone, I just stood in one place as my mind went blank. I then felt rush of excitement and a feeling of dread and anxiety. My wife was about to give birth, and it was going to happen within the next twenty four hours, whether we are prepared or not.

             First I ran to find my wife and let her know the good news. I found her lying on the bed in our room. I mumbled, “wife, they have a room opened and I think we have to go NOW!” so fast, she had to yell my name and told me to calm down. “We don’t need to go right away.” She said. “I have to take a shower and get all my stuff ready.” “What about you, are you ready? Are you going in that clothes that you have been wearing since yesterday?” I ran out to my closet and change my clothes. I was anxious to finally meet the little baby that had been growing in my wife’s body for the last nine months.

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                 We’re at the hospital 2 hours later. Inside, there were number of people walking down the hallway. There were wheelchairs, some empty, some in used. We passed through couple sets of sliding doors. We saw a young lady sitting enclosed behind the glass. The glass has a circle cut out so we can communicate. My wife asked for instructions. The young lady handed my wife a stack of papers for her to read, sign and date. As my wife was finishing, there was a little old lady with a wheelchair. She came up  to my wife and said “get ...

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