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Tom sawyer.

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Tom sawyer Mark Twain was actually called Samuel Langhorne Clemens in real life. Mark Twain was only his writing name. He is known world wide for his 2 famous novels Tom Sawyer and The adventures of Huckleberry Finn. Mark was born on the 30th of November in 1835. He died because of heart failure on the 21st of April 1910. St Petersburg is symbolic of the adult world. Mark exposes the pretentiousness, hypocrisy and even the evil that can grow in the world of adults. He does this powerfully by the use of satire and humour. He compares the world of the adults to the world of boyhood. This is a world of innocence, imagination and freedom. In the world of the adults Tom is restrained from doing all the things of boyhood. Aunt Polly keeps Tom in the house and hardly ever lets him out to play. There is no trust between Aunt Polly and Tom. There is a perfect example of this when Tom has to paint the fence and he got it done with the help of all the other boys but Aunt Polly did not believe he got it done and goes to check the fence. ...read more.


He murders doctor Robinson in the graveyard for revenge. There is irony in this as doctor Robinson is murdered beside the grave he just dug up. Tom and Huck witness this but they cannot tell anybody, as they are too scared. This is also another piece of irony as the boys went to the graveyard to be scared by the dead but instead the living scares them. Mark Twain use some satire here as the boys are more scared of the events that happen in the adult world rather than the dead. It also shows the truth about the village that there is dishonesty, cheating, murder and lies that take place in it. Later on in the novel we learn that Injun Joe plots to murder widow Douglas. This shows that the adults are willing to kill people over and over again to get what they want. Tom and Huck represent boyhood they are innocent and free. This is shown throughout the novel as all they do is play and enjoy themselves. ...read more.


The headmaster wants them to put on a show for the school and show off. The children were doing this against their will and decide to get revenge on the schoolmaster and reveal that he is bald. This shows the honesty of the children and what they stand up for. Tom himself also shows a lot of righteousness when he protects and saves Becky in the caves when they are trapped. At the end of the novel Tom becomes the hero from the scamp he was at the start of the novel and Huck goes on his way so he doesn't have to be restrained from having all his freedom. It is sad in the end though as the boys will have to grow up someday, they cannot always be free of the troubles in the adult life. One day they will have to face them and that is a disaster waiting to happen. The boys may be able to retain some of their imagination but it will never be as vivid as a child's. Huck even has to leave the town in the end to retain his freeway of life. ...read more.

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