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Twelfth Night - How does Shakespeare present the characters of Olivia and Orsino? How do their characters change during the play and what influences do Sebastian and Viola have on them?

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Twelfth Night Essay How does Shakespeare present the characters of Olivia and Orsino? How do their characters change during the play and what influences do Sebastian and Viola have on them? Introduction The main characters that I will be focusing on are Olivia, Orsino, Viola and Sebastian. I will write about the way that Shakespeare presents Olivia and Orsino their changes during the play and why these changes occur. I will also include the affects Viola and Sebastian have on them. Orsino is the duke of Illyria, he would like to ask Olivia to marry him she is a rich lady with a waiting-gentlewoman Maria. She has recently lost her brother and is in mourning for him. ...read more.


The arrival of Cesario who Orsino seems to take a liking to takes his mind off Olivia but soon he is using Cesario to woo her for him. This affects the situation in a way that he clearly did not intend as Olivia regains her interest in men again but not in him but in Cesario! Orsino becomes desperately unhappy about his failure to win the affection of Olivia. In a conversation with Cesario he argues that men love more than women do. Cesario disagrees and almost gives away her true identity and love. She is sent to Olivia again. Olivia states her love for Cesario but is turned down, a love triangle forms Cesario (Viola) ...read more.


A more adult and true type of love has developed however between him and Viola even though he believed her to be male. A double wedding is arranged Orsino to Viola and Sebastian to Olivia. All this shows that Viola and Sebastian bring happiness to the at first sad and lonely Olivia and Orsino. Shakespeare portrays Orsino as a strong and wealthy character who is at the start of the play in love with Olivia. When he meets Viola he clearly finds her attractive but does not declare his love for her however because she is dressed as Cesario. Later though when he finds she is actually Viola he asks her to marry him. Olivia clearly likes Orsino and wants to marry her. She then finds Sebastian attractive when she meets him because he looks so similar to Orsino. ...read more.

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