Two texts that show the simple and luxurious approach to food are Scrambled Eggs from Nigella Lawsons cookery book and a poem called Eating Out by U A Fanthorpe.

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Compare how the writers show the luxurious and simple approach to food. Two texts that show the simple and luxurious approach to food are text 16 – A recipe for Mexican Scrambled Eggs from Nigella Lawson’s cookery book called, Nigella Express. It was published in 2007 to accompany her television series with the same name. The purpose of this text is to inform and advise the reader on how best to prepare the dish. It is aimed at cooking enthusiasts and fans of Nigella Lawson. Whereas, text 2 – A poem called Eating Out from collected poems 1978-2003 by U A Fanthorpe. The poem is about the poet remembering her eating out with her parents and being taught how to behave like a lady and learning all the social etiquettes. The poem is aimed at fans of U A Fanthorpe and the main purpose is to entertain.       Text 16 opens with an introduction paragraph in which, Nigella tells the reader why they should try to make this dish. The tone is very casual and Nigella uses very informal lexis throughout the whole text. She uses a lot of personal pronouns like “you” and “your” to make it seem like she is talking to each individual reader. She also uses the word “I” to express her personal preferences and opinions on the
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preparation of the dish. By stating her personal preference on how and when she would cook the dish she is promoting her lifestyle. For example, “consider overdoing it partywise”. This would make even the simple Mexican Scrambled Eggs luxurious because of Nigella’s celebrity status. As the society is so influenced by the celebrities these days, they tend to mimic the actions of their favourite celebrities. The recipe itself is structured vey simply and in chronological order. First, it lists the ingredients and the quantity you would need. This makes it simpler for the reader to see if they have the ...

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