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Vintage fashion

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Charity, Vintage? Piece 1 - 802 words With more and more vintage shops springing up all around the country, this is an indicator that our culture is becoming more accepting again to the trend of purchasing garments which have had previous owners. High street shops are still very popular but vintage shops are booming. Currently. In the last few months I am also guilty of vintage shopping and buying of old clothes for new prices, which are still cheaper than your local Topman, but recently I found myself traipsing around charity shops trying to 'bag a bargain'; it wasn't until being unwillingly dragged into Help The Aged one day on a trip with a mate into town that I found myself a very peachy piece of clothing for a very polite price; from there my charity mission began. The first obvious reason that I urge you to try the Charity shop bargain hunt is the in-your-face-price-difference you are going to find! ...read more.


range of garments finely picked for your comfort, so you can almost be guaranteed to find something you may like, but don't let this put you off searching through clothes racks in your charity shop as I've heard of vintage shops/shop owners and employees buying garments from charity shops and re-stocking them on their own shelf's, it's luck of the draw really. One day you might find several pieces and the next day nothing. When charity shopping you may want to consider the areas you look into as prices can vary from the city centre being higher priced, falling in areas away from the CBD (central business district); the reason prices are higher within the city centre is because it is expensive to retail and run shops down to the area (shop rent etc.) Also charity organisations usually set their prices regionally leaving the prices up to the management of shop teams, competing with nearby high street names which implements the price driving it higher, bad times! ...read more.


thanks anyway" excuse, I couldn't believe the price; my girlfriend was just going to have to wait. It wasn't until a few days after I learnt that my girlfriend had gone back and asked the same man the price of the same heels and he had produced a sum which was far less. So choose your shoes and your shop assistant wisely and you may be in for an extra price reduction. Just because prices in vintage and charity shops are already substantially low doesn't mean you're prevented from haggling! If you think you could squeeze the price down even a fraction more, then go for it. We are of course in a recession and we students don't have money to burn; it can't hurt to try. Why not? So next time you're out and about don't avoid the charity shops venture in, do it! Have a gander; there not to disappoint, I assure you. ...read more.

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