What do you understand by the term “Total war”?

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What do you understand by the term "Total war"?

Total war is a term that till the 20th century had never been in use or practiced. Total War is the total engagement of a nation's economic, social, cultural, and political capital in the war. Till world war one wars had only occurred on the battlefields. Wars were only head to head collisions of bloodshed and casualties. Wars had till then never involved people at home. The last century of the millennium was to change that. 'Total war was the organization or mobilization of all sectors of society to support the war efforts. As a result of this mobilization of the civilian population, the term 'home front' came to be used to describe the domestic scene.' World war one involved both the war front, but also, for the first time, the home front.

All elements of this total war are connected. The First World War was fought using enormous amounts of materials including weaponry, ammunition and transport vehicles, but also millions of men. This in turn led to involvement on the civilian population on the home front. It was no longer possible to relay on supplies. Further mass production of equipment, weapons, ammunition, transport and food was necessary to continue the military struggle. A problem occurred when insufficient amounts of men where present to continue to work. Both in England and in Germany, men where in the fronts and couldn't work simultaneously. Hence, the growths in woman force.
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Women played a major part in winning the First World War and many men who had previously opposed women having a vote quickly changed their opinions. Women had been years before fighting for equality and rights to vote and many women had taken extreme measures to try to gain it. Women helped in many aspects of war. They took over roles of men who had gone to war in the factories and in the fields. They also filled posts that women were expected to fill, such as voluntary nursing, military nursing, canteen staff and Salvation Army. Although women ...

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