Whereas irony and sarcasm mark the poem of Wilfred Owen and Winnifred Letts ,Idealism and optimism mark Rupert Brooke .

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Whereas irony and sarcasm mark the poem of Wilfred Owen and Winnifred Letts ,Idealism and optimism mark Rupert Brooke .

During the First World War many poets tried to reflect their attitudes to the war through their poems. A poem is one of the most powerful ways to convey an idea or an opinion. Wilfred Owen's poem for example describes the evil, the blindness, the sufferings and the disgust of the war. Winnifred Letts too tries to eliminate the fact of glory and glamour connected to the war. Through personal experiences and facts both of these anti-war poets try to show how devastating and hideous the war really is. Unlike Wilfred Owen Rupert Brooke is deeply patriotic about the war , he reflects the blind optimism that the anti-war poets talk about. His poem, The Soldier in many ways sums up the mood in the first few moths of the war, indeed in places it was compared to a celebration. Each poet expresses his views about the war and shows in his own way how it affected him and others by expressing it so anxiously in their poems .

The title of Owen's "Dulce Decorum Est " is very interesting because it connects to the last line of the poem . Translated from Latin it means

" How sweet and fitting it is to die for ones country".

However by reading the entire poem you see that his title is not the point he is trying to make . The title greatly contrasts the content of the poem , it makes it seem as if the poet laughs in the faces of those who agree with his title .I would say that he's great irony tries to show how deeply upset he is by the humanity. Unlike this title Winnifred Letts gave her title less irony and I would say more tragedy . The "Deserter " is one of those titles which makes you think and analyze .Her title gives you a straight clue, what the message of the poem is. What I mean is that when you hear the word deserter you think of a coward, a traitor, a person with no honesty. But what Winnifred Letts does is she shows how wrong are people to think so , that by fighting a war you are a worse person then who does not want to fight in it. On the other hand the last poem that I chose contrasts greatly to the previous ones and shows much of optimism . I think that " The Soldier " is another one of these titles which give you an image of what the poem is about . I would say that Brook's title is the opposite of the "Deserter" it shows the glory of war and misses out all the incredible obstacles that people had to go through .
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The idea that Wilfred Owen tries to on is that war is a negative thing , he ties to make you picture an image of his view of the war. By reading through the poem you realize that his poem is mainly based on the antiwar facts . The poem tries to show how cruel and unnecessary the war is :

" Bent double like old beggars under sacks

Knock-kneed coughing like hags "

One can say that he describes a soldier in a way without showing any glory or glamour. To make his ...

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