Why Cellphones should be banned

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Lisa-Sophia Kunz

Professor Peterson

Composition 1, Section 20380

29 April 2012

Cellphones should be banned

Nowadays you see cellphones everywhere: at the store, at a restaurant, and even at the theater. People seem not able to put them down or turn them off. Cellphones have negative effects on health, society, and safety. I have arranged my discussion in this order, ascending of importance, in order to give the reader some insight in the world of cellphones, and why cellphones should be banned.

Cellphones can cause severe stress in all generations. Children and young adults are always on; they eat, sleep and shower with their cellphones. Gaby Badre, MD, PhD, of Sahlgren's Academy in Gothenburg, Sweden found out that “Teenagers who excessively use their cell phone are more prone to disrupted sleep, restlessness, stress and fatigue” (American Academy of Sleep Medicine). While teenagers are stressed when they are not on their phone, always being on can stress people in the workforce. “Increasing use of cell phones and pagers may be blurring the boundaries between work and home and raising stress levels at both places” (Warner). Even though there is just anecdotal evidence of cellphone related cancer and brain damage in adults, evidence was found that cellphones can damage a child's brain. Children using mobile phones absorb as much as double the amount of radiation through their heads as adults. The leading scientist Dr. Om Ghandi, from the University of Utah, found that a child's brain can absorb radiation across its entire surface. Cellphone radiation mainly effects the neurological system of a child, “causing headaches, lack of concentration, memory loss and sleeping disorders. It can also cause epilepsy in children” (international parenting association). Further can radiation of cellphones harm body cells and DNA. In Europe 12 research groups, worked on the project called Reflex. Over four years the researchers, coordinated by the german research group Verum, “studied the effect of radiation on human and animal cells in the laboratory” (international parenting association). They found that single and double-strand DNA breaks, after being exposed to electro magnetic fields. “Professor Leif Salford, who headed the research at Sweden's prestigious Lund University, says 'the voluntary exposure of the brain to microwaves from hand-held mobile phones' is 'the largest human biological experiment ever'” (international parenting association).

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Like cellphones have an effect on health, they have an impact on society. Cellphones affect social interactions, communication, and etiquette. When you are watching a group of young people going out, or waiting for the bus together, each person of the group is either texting or calling a friend that is not with the group right now, instead of talking to each other. They avoid uncomfortable situations and confrontations by either not answering a call or sending a text message. “Text messaging is dangerous, not only does it ruin social interaction between humans, writing skills and expression. Everything becomes so ...

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