Why is Bottom such a well-loved character? Explain with reference to 'A Midsummer Nights Dream'

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Why is Bottom such a well-loved character? Explain with reference to 'A Midsummer Nights Dream'

'A Midsummer Nights Dream' is one of Shakespeare's most popular plays. It was written in 1595 so was one of his earlier plays.

Nick Bottom is one of the main characters in the play and is easily the funniest and most well loved. By well loved, I mean that he is well liked my other characters in the play and especially by the audience. He figures in many of the scenes in the play and crosses into the different 'worlds' within the play. He wanders into the world of the fairies during the play and also into the Royal World! Both of these worlds give Bottom a chance to show a bit more of his comical character. The play itself was aimed at an audience of Kings and Queens. It was written just after the plague had swept through the country killing thousands of people so this may have influenced Shakespeare into writing a play with a touch of humour in it. Shakespeare is undoubtedly the best play write that has ever lived and 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' has always been one of his most popular plays.

There are many main characters in the play that all have an important role within the play. Bottom may not be the main character, however he is the character that the audience will remember the most about once the play has finished. Bottom gets his slightly comical name from being a working class weaver. During the play, Bottom constantly says and does stupid things and is always making mistakes when they are rehearsing for the play. Throughout the play Bottom seems to be well liked by all the other characters. During the play, you can see many different sides to Bottoms character. Mainly he tries to be an honest and simple character but times he is rather boisterous, very self confident and a little enthusiastic. He is probably too confident as throughout the play he constantly makes mistakes, which make people laugh. These comical mistakes are one reason why Bottom is such a well-loved character. An example of his mistakes is in Act 1 Scene 2. He keeps making many spoonerisms as he kept getting the characters names wrong. Instead of Hercules he refers to him as 'Ercles.' Also he mispronounces Thisby as Thisbus and Thisne. The audience would find this funny as although Bottom is confident, he is still making many mistakes. However all of these mistakes do not seem to knock Bottom's confidence. He still carries on full of confidence and even when they are performing at Theseus' Palace at the end of 'A Midsummer Nights Dream' he is still making comical mistakes which even makes some of the Royal characters laugh and he still is over acting as usual!  Bottom is probably slightly big headed as he feels that he is capable of playing all the characters in the Mechanicals play 'Pyramus and Thisbe.' He tries to convince Peter Quince, the director of the play that he is better than everyone else and wants to play all the characters. Although this shows Bottom as being big headed, it seems as though Bottom doesn't realise and just thinks that he is doing what's best. "I could play Ercles rarely" and "Let me play Thisbe too" he exclaims with great enthusiasm. He starts to act all the different characters using a variety of funny voices. This makes the audience and even the other characters in the play, watching Bottom perform in the market square laugh and make him seem even more lovable. This scene is the first time the audience get to see Bottom and their first impressions are probably that Bottom is funny, bossy, self confident and an entertainer.

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Later on in the story, Bottom and the Mechanicals meet in the wood to rehearse their play and yet again Bottom makes many mistakes and now starts to try and run the play. Whilst at the wood Bottom has many suggestions to make. He states that a prologue is needed at the beginning of the play to say that when Pyramus draws a sword to kill himself, it is in fact only Pyramus that is dying but Bottom the weaver is still alive. He wants the prologue so that the ladies are not worries or panicked when he draws his ...

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This essay falls into the trap of 'telling the story' of the play, which sometimes happens with the kind of chronological approach the writer has adopted as a structure. A better alternative might be to structure the essay around different types of humour ( such as verbal humour, farce, slapstick, bathos, irony) that Shakespeare employs to make Bottom such an appealing and endearing character. **