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                        WIDE SARGASSO SEA


Wide Sargasso Sea is a novel set by a woman in the time when females were obviously being marginalised and seen as one of the least important roles in society. Many different views of women’s role in the 1960s .The style written gave the impression that women were becoming aware of the feminist ideas. This grew out of the civil rights and the black movement. The women were especially active in these times.

Also one note to be made is that reviews on this novel speak of Rhys’ style of writing is to do with women who need a man in order to live through the struggles of life looking and discussing this through my essay this concludes that this is true.

 The novel of Wide Sargasso Sea tells you what it was like to be a woman in these times, and a majority of the novel is written in the mind of a woman.

The first relationship of the male and female is between the main two characters Mr Rochester and Antoinette. The most significant thing about this relationship is that the roles of power change. In the beginning, coming into a new setting, Mr Rochester finds it difficult to adapt to the environment and his ethnocentric view does not aid this. He talks about trying to discover the secret of Granbois. This makes him inferior because he doesn’t know the area well enough to have any real knowledge of it, and being a male in this relationship he has negative views of this. In these relationships the men were supposedly meant to be the head of the union, because he is the man . When the novel progresses and Antoinette starts to lose her mind he starts to take over with the power and the dominance in their relationship.

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‘Certainly I will call my dear Bertha

Not Bertha tonight

Of course of on this on all nights you must be called bertha

As you wish’

Antoinette has given total submission into Rochester.

 If you look back to the British Empire women were marginalised and controlled. As Rochester is from England it is typical for him to behave in this dominant manor. Rochester had power over Antoinette sexually using her for his own pleasures rather than for the love of her. He feels no tenderness only lust.

 This relationship changes again when Christophine gives Antoinette the ...

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