Wilfred Owen - war poems.

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In the 20th Century many regarded being a soldier as heroic and a symbol for showing bravery. Soldiers were praised and cheered by their fellow countrymen after conquering their enemies at war. Bravery was one of the factors that encouraged joining the army while many hardly knew about battle or being a soldier was all about.

In the three poems by Wilfred Owen he gives us different views and feelings of the war in each. If we look at Dulce Et Decorum Est the poet starts by explaining the conditions and the situation that the soldiers were in. He describes how bad they looked by comparing themselves to old beggars under sacks. He gives us a picture of how they cursed because of their unhealthy conditions. Until they retreated from the haunting fire and headed for their rest, which was far away. He draws our attention to see how tired the soldiers were, limping on blood also how helpless they were because of fatigue and that they couldn’t even hear the firing of guns behind them.

He shows sympathy when he explains one of the soldiers death, which was caused by a deadly poisonous gas. He gives a clear picture of the victims suffering towards this encounter. This is clearly seen if we look at the way he describes it.

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“ In all my dreams, before my helpless sight, he plunges at me, guttering, choking, drowning.”

In addition he shows anger and dismisses the saying,

“Dolce Et Decorum Est,” “The old lie,” as he mentioned. This meant fighting for glory and love of ones’ country. This explains his personal feelings towards war in this poem. In addition he is disgusted with the lies innocent people are filled with and put in a position to suffer.

If we look at Exposure the poet shows us how the soldiers feel about the war and their experience. He gives ...

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