Wise Children- Peregrine Hazard's Character

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How does Angela Carter present the character of Peregrine throughout the novel?

Out of the many main characters of Angela Carter's 'Wise Children', Peregrine Hazard is perhaps the most intriguing. At a glance, Peregrine appears to be the most noble and moralistic of the Hazard family, being the only one to acknowledge the Chance sisters as part of this family, and more importantly, Peregrine is the closest thing the Chance sisters have to a real father, however it can be argued that in fact Peregrine is less moralistic and noble than he appears, abandoning his responsibility to the Chance children for months at a time and having various affairs throughout the novel. Angela Carter uses the character of Peregrine to illustrate the theme of fatherhood and father-daughter relationships in the novel.

Peregrine Hazard is Melchior Hazard's fraternal twin brother. Born on his parent's theatre tour and abandoned in America after Ranulph Hazards murder-suicide of his mother and her lover, possibly the biological father, Peregrine stays in America while Melchior is taken back to England with his aunt. What happened here is a mystery.

After Grandma Chance corners Melchior Hazard into acknowledging the Chance sisters as being his, Peregrine appears before the girls, explaining to Grandma Chance that he has agreed to legally acknowledge the girls as his. He sends them royalty checks and gifts, takes them out on trips and behaves as a father should behave before the Chance girls- he spoils them. Like a father he sticks up for them, for example, when the Chance twins see that Melchior is performing at a theatre, he takes them backstage to show them to their father. Unfortunately, Melchior takes to them coldly. Peregrine stands up for them "it's a wise child that knows its own father," hissed peregrine... "but wiser yet the father that knows his own child"'.
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However, Peregrine soon gets bored of England and wants to travel again; leaving no means to communication he takes off, sending the cheques and gifts to them, but leaving them without a father figure.

Next he returns rich and joins them at a party held by Melchior in which a fire devastates the party, Peregrine escapes with Melchior's crown, which he uses to tease Melchior, and leaves for travel. Peregrine appears next in the novel when the twins leave for Hollywood to shoot 'The Dream' a re-telling of 'A midsummer night's dream'. He introduces them to ...

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