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World War One Poetry

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The first world war may have been a time of great suffering and pain for thousands but it was also a time that gave inspiration to some of the greatest poets and helped them write some of the greatest war poetry ever written. In this essay I will look at how the style of poetry and the attitude of the poets changed over the course of the war. The first poem that I'm going to look at is Jessie Pope's who's for the game. Jessie wrote poems for the daily mail she was hated by poet Wilfred Owen for her lack of feeling for soldiers on the western front and the way she supported the war from the safety of the home front. The poem who's for the game is a poem that was written to encourage young men to sign up for the army and help their country in the war. ...read more.


They no longer encouraged young men to go and fight for their country instead they began to show the realities of trench warfare. Robert Graves poem a dead boche was a poem that would put anyone off the war. It says that war's h**l and says that what he say would be a certain cure for l**t of blood. He describes how he say a dead German solider in the woods and describes the image well use good word and fraises like "he scowled and stunk" "with clothes and face a sodden green" and "dripping black blood from his nose and beard" many other poets and soldiers started to follow this style of poetry and that's when the real truth about what war was really like started to come out. disabled was a poem written by Wilfred Owen one of the wars most famous poets. ...read more.


It is about a soldier who died fighting in the war. The poem describes in a lot of detail how he lies there with the lice in his hair and the worms banqueting on his flesh. It describes how all his family and friends will be sitting at home thinking of him and knitting him socks unstill they told that he is dead and although they might think life is unbearable without him they will never have to see him the way the poet did. All rotting with such a foul smell around him. The poet says that he envies the broken hearted mother who will remember him as he was the last time she seen him happy, strong and able. by the End off the war poetry written for the war was virtually no more. With poems becoming more graphic and showed more true feeling than any other poems ever have been. ?? ?? ?? ?? War poems ...read more.

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