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Write a descriptive piece called Darkness. In your writing create an atmosphere of tension and suspense.

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´╗┐Write a descriptive piece called Darkness. In your writing create an atmosphere of tension and suspense. I was asleep; I remember when I started to feel a sudden chill around me and the surface beneath me. The uncomforting chill made me want to curl up in a ball to save whatever warmth I had left within me. However, for some reason I couldn?t find myself to fulfill the need. My body just lay in a place, put and disobedient. The cold around me grew into a chill and crept through my spine and I woke up with a start. It is dark and my eyes find no source of light that they start to long for more and more with each passing second. I can?t bring myself to remember how I winded up here. The strange hollowness of the place reminds me of the sounds of a shell when kept on the ear. ...read more.


I try focusing on my surroundings in the vast darkness ahead of me as my heart suddenly decides to accelerate. My breathing fastens and fills the hollowness that existed before. I scream but only nothing comes out and I feel the foul stench?s infecting my taste. The taste in my mouth makes my throat sore. I suddenly feel the thirst. The smell is suffocating. I struggle harder but this time with my mouth shut. It?s becoming difficult to breathe. My eyes scan the darkness. There is absolutely nothing. My head starts to feel dizzy and I feel my body giving up as I search to find my voice back. I stare ahead into nothing while I let my heart slow its pace and the breathing copes up when I realize I can hear a faint dripping noise of a leaking pipe? ...read more.


They pick me up and I feel my head too heavy for the neck to hold up. My head seems to wilt like a wilted flower. I try to ask them what is happening, where they are taking me and what is happening to me. But my mouth is just hung open with saliva dripping. The two people seem to be placing my half conscious self onto a flat wooden surface. The person lets go of my hand they fall right beside me. However I feel a wall on both sides. Have they put me in a box? Do they think I dead? With new presence in my dark room I find a faint voice sobbing. I feel tensed and feel the urge to stop the stranger from sobbing. I can?t see her! I listen to her voice, the sorrow in it and a trickle falls. Cant they see I?m not dead! Her sobs become fainter and I hear her footsteps turn into heavy long strides and feel a lid on top of the box in which I lay. ...read more.

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