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Write an account of Helen Burns’ last night done from her perspective. You should aim to create an authentic voice for Helen Burns which builds upon Charlotte Bronte’s presentation of her character and captures aspects of the writer’s chosen form, structure and language.

Oft have I been on the outside looking in. Dependence is not a trait desirable in life. For years I was looked on with disdain as a woman motherless. The death of my mother only served to remind my father of this fact and soon all memory that we had once laughed in the gardens of our northern manor were fading.

a warm gentle voice draws me back into this earthly realm; my eyes open and I can see, for I am engulfed in the shiny white light of the soft gleewing moon that shines through the casements and the small light flame beside my cradle. Through the shadows I fancy I see a banshee, silhouetted by the candlelight, long ago had I shed my need to take comfort from such wild tales of fairies and imps but now anew memory of childhood days enthralled me.

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       ‘Helen!’ The voice repeats my name.

I raise my frail weak body and draw back the curtains and before me is not a phantom but the face of one who brings a smile to my lips and a gleam to my eyes. Ere long, my eyes glistened and became wet and we met in a warm embrace. Long ago I had accepted the fate that awaited me for I saw some profit the fear of death brought to those who surrounded me. Death was just the end of a path that brought one to God their maker, ...

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