Write about ways Hardy presents the Titanic disaster in the Convergence of the Twain.

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Write about ways Hardy presents the titanic disaster in the ‘Convergence of the Twain’.

In the ‘Convergence of the Twain’ Hardy displays the idea of two inanimate objects coming together, while creating the idea that the Titanic disaster was inevitable and meant to happen.

To begin with, the idea of the disaster being inevitable is shown in ‘the convergence’ when Hardy describes the iceberg as being “prepared for by a sinister mate”. The use of the adjective ‘prepared’ could be inferred that this disaster has been constructed beforehand by an omniscient being, and it was unavoidable. Another way the disaster is presented is through the personification of the iceberg, ‘sinister mate’. We get the impression that this inoperative substance is perhaps part of a matched pair, the other being the Titanic.

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Another essential point in which hardy displays the titanic in the ‘convergence’ is with the juxtaposing terms ‘jewels’ and ‘black’, to demonstrate the impact that the iceberg had on the Titanic. This could also illustrate that something so precious and glamourous was destroyed and changed in an instant due to the collision.  More importantly, it suggests that the jewels weren’t as important as they were made out to be, since they can just convert into something meaningless in a matter of seconds.

One more way Hardy presents the Titanic disaster in ‘the convergence’ is by shifting the situation into ...

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