Write four paragraphs about I heard a fly buzz focusing on language, imagery,rhythm and Dickinsons different ideas

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Write four paragraphs about ‘I heard a fly buzz’ focusing on language,imagery.rhythm and Dickinson’s different ideas…


‘I heard a fly buzz’ explores the cliché rituals of death being interrupted by this peculiar fly and being a distraction in the room to the deceased who supposedly should be in the limelight and the main focus of the room and primarily the main focus of attention. The death rituals is the idea of the deceased having close family mourning by his or her death bed and the decease looking almost near to perfect and having some sort of angelic feel to them. The death rituals also occur in many religions and the religious believers follow the rituals very strictly. Dickinson proclaims “the stillness in the room” she describes the state of the room as being “still” this could perhaps represent the fly taking ultimate control in the room. Or maybe represents people’s sheer horror of religion and the catastrophic consequences that comes along with it. Hence why there was this stillness in the room almost as the whole world paused in terror. By Dickinson in cooperating this ‘fly’ as some sort of interruption, perhaps it symbolises ‘religion’ almost suggesting we are so focused on religion we forget that death is fast approaching and will happen to every human currently living, hence why religion is an interruption from the real world and Dickinson wants people to realise that. ‘Flies’ are normally associated with dirt and disease carriers and also have an element of an satanic feel to them, flies also suck the blood out of humans. It is like they are slowly biting away at the human soul, perhaps this is reflecting Dickinson’s ideas about religion and how they are a corruption and destructing effect to our everyday life’s and even something as small as a fly could have more relevance than religion.  As religion and tradition mean’s very little to Dickinson.

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Dickinson uses imagery as she proclaims in the poem “And then the windows failed” referring to the fact that if flies can escape through windows and the windows ‘failed’ then the flies could not escape, perhaps suggesting as humans we cannot escape death as it is fast approaching us. Because the fly did not leave the room as the ‘windows failed’ could perhaps be reflecting religion never leaving our life’s and always having this negative hold on us and, the idea that religion can never really escape and will always be there blind sighting and brainwashing us in the real ...

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