Written task., I decided to write a magazine article about the availability and effects of online gambling on children.

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Online gambling is a real problem for our children

Gambling is everywhere, it’s on tv, it’s on our phones, it’s on our computer, it is even there during a soccer match as an advertisement. There is no escaping the persuasion of gambling. Now, a new section of gambling, online gambling, has risen. With even more bombardments of persuasive advertisements. But the now online gambling has also started targeting our kids.

Internet gambling is too accessible for children because children do not need age verification in order to enter a gambling site. Apart from online Gambling research has shown that in the UK in 2018 55,000 11- to 16-year-olds are classified as problem gamblers and another 70,000 are considered at risk. This already is a big problem but the number of online gambling offers is only growing and so is the group of underaged children interested in this.


Online gambling comes in many forms. In particular games, for example, you can buy loot boxes/crates which gives you an item or character in that game. In, for instance, Fifa 19, you can buy these Fifa Packs with, so-called, Fifa Coins that can be purchased with real money. These Fifa Packs then give you the chance to win a high skilled player but you also risk to get a lower-skilled one. Many consider this not as a form of gambling but looking at the concept it is a form of gambling.

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Another form of gambling that is involved in games is “skin gambling”. This form of gambling appears among in other games in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The same concept as the previous online gambling form also appears in this game but it goes one step further. These skins are not only used in-game but also sold and traded to make real money of.

Next to online gambling in gaming, there are also gambling sites and apps out there persuading children and teens. These sites and apps start by giving rewards for free and winning “money” by, for instance, spinning a wheel ...

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