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Wuthering Heights comparison Engleby and the Great Gatsby

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When the reader is initially introduced to Lockwood, complex lexical choices such as 'misanthropist's' not only raise the tenor of his narration, but also presents him as quite opinionated and subjective. As the narration continues, declaratives such as '[Heathcliff] had an aversion to showy displays of feelings' followed by 'I no longer felt inclined to call Heathcliff a capital fellow', highlight Lockwood's indecisiveness and suggest that the reader cannot trust his judgement as he is himself unsure of what he thinks and says. The use of the first person singular pronoun highlights how this is only Lockwood's opinion, which is similar to the narrator in Engleby who uses the first person pronoun right from the very beginning of the novel, suggesting that his views of the university being 'ancient' are purely his own and cannot be generalised. The narrator in Restoration also uses the first person pronoun 'I', and in this case it presents the narrator as quite pompous and gives the narration a lofty tone. ...read more.


For example, '(an ugly, rather disgusting person, as it happens)' presents the narrator as self-promoting, as if his humorous asides are simply there because he is eager to please. Parenthesis is also used in Notes on a Scandal, which helps the narrator to put forward her fictitious opinions, and present her personality as one where she cannot go without passing judgement on something. Although parenthesis is not hugely used in Wuthering Heights, it is used in Isabella's narration through her letter. However, rather than portraying unreliability, it provides a sense of authenticity as shown through her declaratives such as 'I must shake his hand and - yes - ...'. Lockwood's tone in Wuthering Heights is very confident and subjective, as shown through his speech to Heathcliff at the beginning of the novel where he says 'I do myself the honour'. This confidence is similar to that of the narrator in The Great Gatsby who appears to be very confident in what he says, but very different to the ...read more.


The narrator in Engleby could arguably also be suppressing information, through the use of suspension marks like '...the poetry of Eliot' and 'Do you have... Well, like, washing machines?'. The hesitation in his interrogative furthers his unreliability as he may not be saying what he truly thinks. The use of interrogatives by the narrator in Notes on a Scandal such as 'Have you broken your vow...?' go against her matter of fact style and show how she is in fact not aware of as much as it first seems, thus presenting her as quite untrustworthy. The narrator in Engleby appears to misread situations, considering the university to be 'ancient' when everyone else classes it as 'modern', which is similar to Lockwood who also misreads situations a great deal. For example, he misjudges young Cathy to be 'Mrs Heathcliff, I mean' and that fact that he has so obviously judged her wrongly, presents his narrative and what he goes on to say about a 'sorrowful sight' as very doubtful. ...read more.

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