You would never expect to find the same kinds of characters in Flare Path (1942) as in Charlotte Gray (1996). The public at the time wanted very different things. Discuss

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“Although the texts are set at the same time and share some thematic similarities, you would never expect to find the same kinds of characters         in Flare Path (1942) as in Charlotte Gray (1996). The public at the time wanted very different things.” With reference to two characters (one from each text) discuss the extent to which you agree with this view.

“Charlotte Gray” and “Flare Path” share the same context of WWII however, “Flare Path” was written for the war time audience whilst “Charlotte Gray” was written 50 years after the war for an audience who were greatly relaxed towards the war. Charlotte and Patricia are two characters with similar contexts however as the public was different there are contrasts between them and what they stood for as well as conforming to gender inequality differently. Despite the different public there are similarities such as the fact that they both have selfish motives and the main purpose is love.  Moreover, the public has means different ideas are portrayed through the different texts in order to fulfil the desire of the audience and make sure that they witness what they want.

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“Flare Path” was a play written for an audience during WWII which meant that they were experiencing the war first hand and the morale was very low. However, “Charlotte Gray” was for an audience who were far from times of the war and hence they wanted a more excitement from the text. The lack of excitement in “Flare Path” can be seen by the anti-climactic ending which is predicted by the reader as Patricia begins to have second thoughts. The phrase “I’d forgotten him for the moment” shows that Teddy is always on her mind and her forgetting him for ...

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