Perfume Journal Part 1

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1. Briefly summarize the chapters


Chapter 1

            The setting of 18th century France is established and the main character, Jean-Baptiste Grenouille, is born in the most peculiar of fashions. His mother gives birth to him underneath a butcher’s table, the fifth baby after 4 still births. Left to die in the sun, Grenouille’s cries save him and he is swept away to be taken care of by Jeanne Bussie, a wet nurse of the cloister of Saint-Merri.


Chapter 2

            Calling Grenouille “the bastard”, Bussie talks to the Father Terrier about the baby’s greediness and his lack of smell. Bussie tries to convince her to keep the baby, offering more than the previous 3 francs a week, but she refuses. In the end, Bussie leaves the baby with Terrier, who takes him back to his office.


Chapter 3

            Terrier’s background is discussed as the baby sleeps near him. After considering himself the father of the baby for a small while, he sniffs the baby and awakes him. Grenouille’s piercing screams and his smelling of Terrier causes Terrier to shudder in fear and send him to Madame Gaillard’s.


Chapter 4

            Madame Gaillard’s background, with a future already planned out in front of her, is discussed, as well as Grenouille’s amazing life and his survival of many horrible circumstances that made him like a tick of a tree, or as a tossed aside bean. Grenouille quickly grew up and his lack of smell made Madame Gaillard believe her own soul was sealed tight. The other children avoided Grenouille’s presence and. because of his nonsmell, tried to suffocate him with blankets and straw.


Chapter 5

            Grenouille is characterized as he grows older, being unable to instill terror through looks. “Fishes” was his first word, along with pelargonium, goat stall, savoy cabbage, and jacqueslorreur. He loved the smell of wood through his intense olfactory experience. Smells of milk, smoke, change for Grenouille, and at age six, he had completely grasped his surroundings with tens of thousands of smells, a musical wunderkind of smell. Grenouille also has no fear of darkness and could see into the future as he would predict the approach of visitor, causing Gaillard to become nervous of him. A tanner named Grimal takes Grenouille to work for him for fifteen francs. Gaillard dies after losing all of his earnings and her home, at a very old age and due to throat cancer.



Chapter 6

            Grenouille would work during the day and locked himself up during the evening, burying hides and hauling water. He contacted anthrax a year after working with Grimal, making him immune. Later, Grimal treats Grenouille more favorably than an animal. At the age of twelve, Grenouille receives half of Sunday off; at 13, he gets the weekend off.

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Chapter 7

            Grenouille’s scent is discussed in detail. He would lean against a wall and smell the odors coming in. He went to the spot where his mother was beheaded, as well as the bank of the river. The dream of sailing pleased him. Grenouille smells perfume in the quarters of Sorbonne and the Faubourg Saint-Germain, where the rich people lived.


Chapter 8

            On Sept 1, 1753, the anniversary of the king’s coronation, Grenouille tracks down a particular scent to ...

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