Should Cannabis be legalised?

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Should Cannabis be legalised?

Should people be allowed to smoke cannabis in the streets? Is there a reason for it to be illegal? The answer here is no and yes, but we do seem to be edging towards the reality of cannabis being legal. The reason for this is because it can be known as a medical drug if legalised. In this essay I will make it clear to you why it could be legalised and I will display why it is illegal, then I will display a conclusion and my theory on the outcome of an argument like this.

Cannabis is an illegal drug for one main reason, it harms people. It can lead to AIDS and other STD’s. You may have heard the phrase “Get high, Get stupid, Get AIDS” it means exactly what it says, because we all know that Cannabis will get people who use it “high”. It also encourages young adults to have sex without any protection. This is the most frequently used illicit drug among youth and people do things they regret when they are under the influence. Also in a recent study there were results that showed that teens that drink or do drugs are more likely to have sex and initiate it at younger ages, and with multiple partners. These teens are more at risk of sexually transmitted diseases including AIDS. Another pint I would like to make here is that most teens want to be rebellious and there fore want to try something illegal and because of the theory of cannabis being relatively harmless makes the rebellious teens want to try it, and most dealers who deal cannabis deal the hard drugs as well, and it could lead on teenagers to the hard drugs.

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But cannabis is not just harmful and does not just lead people to other diseases, but it also can help some diseases. One in particular is Multiple scleroses. This drug is used to help the back in this disease and does help the back when it is in severe pain. If this drug became legal it would be a great pain relief to those with back problems, but there would be consequences. It would be legal for people to get a hold of the drug, and therefore would be easier for people wanting the drug for leisure purposes to get ...

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