Should Motorbikes Be Banned In Public Places

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Should Motorbikes Be Banned In Public Places?



Last Sunday, I was out on the usual Sunday cycle with friends when 7 monster motorbikes came roaring past and up the steep muddy hill that we was cycling down. It was only when we had to pedal downhill through the churned up tracks of the motorbikes that I realised the problems that motorbikes cause. At that moment I began to ask myself should there be a ban on motorbikes in public places; or is it too late?  

        I have arrived at the conclusion that motorbikes should be banned because they damage the ground on which they ride, if they are ridden irresponsibly. This makes walking, cycling and other activities un-enjoyable. It also causes a big expense for places such as the ‘Brecon Beacons’ National Park because at present they have to embark on a ₤90,000 project to repair the damage caused by motorbikes. The ‘Pennine Way’ in Pen-y-Ghent area has spent six million pounds to helicopter in stone to stop motorbikes from riding in certain areas. Finally the ‘Lake District’ has spent one million pounds on repairing footpaths that have been ripped up by motorbikes.

        Motorbikes are also excessively noisy and can be even noisier if irresponsible riders remove original legal silencers and fit louder illegal ones. I notice this especially because I live in the valleys. When a motorbike is ridden in and around the valleys, it echoes tremendously and causes a lot of noise pollution, particularly when fitted with illegal silencers. This is breaking the law and is one more reason why motorbikes should be banned in public places.

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        Motorbikes are a hazard to horses because of their extremely loud engines. This loud noise frightens most horses which causes unnecessary risks to the horse, the rider and the person riding the motorbike. This is because horses do not respond very well to loud noises. The way in which they respond to loud noises is very unpredictable. The motorbike riders often use trails meant for horses, cyclists and walkers. Using these trails for motorbike use is an offense and damages them to such an extent, that is becomes difficult, dangerous and unenjoyable for other members of the public. Should this ...

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