Analysis of Chinas One Child Policy

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China’s One Child Policy


The Earth’s population has reached 7 billion presently and the growth concerned with this rise has been exponential since the start of the 1900s. Sustainable urban living all over the world is essential so that all people alive at the moment have enough resources and our descendants also have enough to survive and live comfortably. However although we have enough to survive during this time period our requirements for sustainable living is over 3 x larger than it should be. Our resources are being used up rapidly and as our population increases exponentially we will face shortages as the demand for these resources constantly increase. On average a European dweller who would usually have a car and a small but beneficial working salary and may also live in a small house would use up more resources than one of the 2 billion poorest people in the world, however an average American would use double this therefore we can see that Americans consume a huge amount of resources which effects sustainable growth greatly. China, has managed to consume more energy resources than America in 2011, this is because China has recently seen a growth in its economy and is becoming an energy consuming, economic superpower. American individuals however still consume more energy; China has a much larger population than America and because of this it has large energy consumption, the one child policy has been in action for many years and is what is being used to control China’s population.

1. Using figures, explain why China needed to introduce the one child policy

It was essential for China to introduce its 1 child policy to reduce the population and fertility rates of the country. China has the largest population in the world and every year it grows by 10 million people. This growth puts a huge strain on the whole country, the government therefore tried to slow down this rapid population growth. To tackle this growth, the Chinese government introduced the one child policy, this meant couples could only have one child. In 1959 the average Chinese family had approximately 7 children! Without the policy the Chinese population would have easily risen to over 2 billion in the early 21st century.  

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Key Reasons for China’s 1 child policy:

  • If the Chinese did not decrease their population, they would not have enough jobs to go around, this would mean that people will be dwindling in the unemployment zone without any money to live on.
  • Major Urban areas would become severely overcrowded, a big city area such as Beijing would have too many people concentrated in that area, especially since urbanisation in China has risen and by 2035, 70% of Chinese people living in China are expected to live in urban areas. That is over 700000000 people! This will result ...

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