'Deforestation of the Amazon rainforest is a major global environmental issue, that only the Brazilian government can solve'

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Environmental issues

‘Deforestation of the Amazon rainforest is a major global environmental issue, that only the Brazilian government can solve’


Brazil is a country, which is situated in South America. Brazil has a major problem, which is debt of over one hundred billion dollars. The many foreign loans and multi national investments were taken out in the 1960’s and 70’s. To help to repay this huge debt, the Brazilian government has developed the Amazon rainforest. There are many useful resources that are in Brazil such as gold, copper, bauxite and many other resources. However to develop the country they have to allow developments to take place. Brazil has a high population of poor people. This mean’s that labour is really cheap and many people need to work in order to make a little money. I have got all the fact’s and information to decide if I agree or disagree with the above hypothesis. To do this, I am going to research and gather data from my school work, textbooks and perhaps the Internet and evaluate at the end the conclusion. In this assignment, I have used 6 main sources to back up my evidence throughout this assignment.

Source A= Indian land conflict hits Brazil

Source B= Amazon faces unexpected pressures

Source C= “We’re saving the forest”

Source D= Researchers show Amazonian deforestation accelerating

Source E= Brazil’s prized exports rely on slaves and scorched land

Source F= Brazil: Government to protect 50 million acres as                                       environmental reserves.


What is deforestation?

I will start off by explaining to you what is deforestation. Deforestation is the clearance of the rainforest. This could be done using all sorts of methods. This is mainly taking place in Brazil. Deforestation is a major global issue, as it pollutes and harms the earth’s atmosphere. This is because of the burning of trees, which causes air pollution and eventually causes global warming. More than one fifth of the Amazon rainforest has been cleared out between the 1960’s and 90’s.

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Why has the Brazilian government allowed deforestation?

Brazils government has allowed deforestation because of the rapidly growing population and an increasing demand for natural resources. However It’s main reason is because it needs money and needs to pay its debt. The natural resources from the forest produce many raw materials example gold, copper, bauxite and useful plants, which help, cure many diseases. These raw materials could be sold to Europe or the U.S in order to make money. The Brazilian government has attempted to resettle the country’s landless people there fore have carried out these procedures. The reasons why Brazil have ...

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