Describe and evaluate New Yorks importance as a world city and its status as a cultural melting pot

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Describe and evaluate New York’s importance as a world city and its status as a cultural melting pot.

World cities have large populations and have influence globally and are very different from a mega city which only has regional or national influence. They tend to be located in the developed world and the top three ranking world cities are New York, London and Tokyo.

Highly educated, skilled workers and universities are attracted to world cities because of the diverse range of jobs such as jobs in banking, law and advertising. TNCs often locate their headquarters in world cities and this also attracts workers. Dominant world cities are global hubs, interconnected commercially, financially and technologically around the world. To supply services to global markets, transport links to other major cities and telecom and information services are very advanced.

New York has a population of approximately 8 million and the area of Manhattan is a major commercial, financial and cultural centre of the US and the world. Major radio, television and telecommunications companies in the US are based in New York as well as, news, magazines, book and other media publications. These job opportunities have attracted workers from all around the world and the businesses trade all around the world. The headquarters of the United Nations are situated in Manhattan and it also holds the seat of city government, this shows it has regional influence as well as global influence.

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The global impact of the Wall Street crash (1929) emphasised the importance of New York on the world. The effects included a fall of 15% in global GDP between 1929 and 1932 and international trade fell by 50%. The 2001 attacks on the World Trade Centre also demonstrated New York’s importance because the stock markets fell globally and in London it fell by 5.7%. New York has many famous and iconic landmarks and international visitors spend more money in New York each year than in any other city in the world. The city has been the creative force behind many ...

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