Does Churchill's description of the operation (source B) support the evidence of the sources C and E?

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D-Day Coursework

2. Does Churchill’s description of the operation (source B) support the evidence of the sources C and E?

Source B is supported by source C because they both show land/sea and air this in source C with the 3 children in each uniform of the armed forces, this show that the operation was on a huge scale and would be difficult to organises this is also backed up by the amount of books shown in source C and the expression on Churchill’s face. “The most complicated and difficult” this is also shown in source C through the placement of Churchill that he is in a library and that he is thinking also that the operation has been complicated and took lots of planning by all the maps and books on his desk this mission was going to be the biggest and most tactical operation of its time, there are however differences between the sources B and C these are that B doesn’t show how hard Churchill has thought about the operation however it does show his confidence which source C does not. Also source C shows how young a lot of the soldiers were and how eager they are to go to war. Source B mentions that there is likely to be a lot of casualties whereas C doesn’t this is because C is a poster designed to boast moral and B is a speak made to the houses of parliament so it is by a serious person designed for serious clued up people, however it is still morale boasting just not in that way.

Source B and Source E show the reason why Churchill mentions “intimacy” was to prevent the Germans from finding out about the operation he was planning on using the element of surprise. Source E backs this up by showing the code names of the beaches so there was no way of the German military knowing where there were. Again both land sea and air are mentioned in the literal sense in source B but in source E they are shown by the symbol for where the air assaults would commence the other 2 forces are shown by that the troops are coming from the sea therefore the navy and they are the “US army” and the “British and Canadian army” landings. However again there are things that are not shown or said in both sources for instance in source B there is no mention of where the attack will be whereas E clearly shows that it will be at Normandy source B also doesn’t mention beaches at all and source E lists where and what the beaches are code named also shown in source E are that there were also Us and Canadian forces involved and where the landings and airborne troops landed and got to by the end of D-day, which was a success, where as in source B the outcome “cannot be fully foreseen”

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 Therefore source B supports both source C and E.      

3. How useful are sources A and J in helping you to understand the success of the D Day landings?

Source A tells us that the airborne landings on d-day have been a success also that the beach landings “are proceeding at various points.” Source A also tells us that “the obstacles that were constructed in the sea have not proved as difficult as first apprehended”. The significance of these points are that on d-day people back home wanted to know what was ...

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