Evaluate the success of one Urban Regeneration scheme or policy you have studied [10]

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Evaluate the success of one Urban Regeneration scheme or policy you have studied. [10]

Trafford Park was once the ancestral home of British engineering in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centauries.  During the first and second World Wars it employed 75,000 workers at its peak in 1945, supplying Rolls-Royce Merlin Engines for both the Spitfire and the Lancaster bomber. It was also home to some of the major British engineering businesses of the time, including ‘British Westinghouse Electrical and Manufacturing and the Kellogg Company which was established in 1938.  However in the decades proceeding the mid-twentieth century the area fell into decline as factories closed in order to relocate to more technologically developed plants elsewhere. Several initiatives were put in place in the 1980’s with varying success; one scheme set up by the Trafford Park Urban Development Corporation (an Urban Development Corporation) was, to an extent, an overall economic success however it raised some social corners about the development.      

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The project was formed on the 10th February 1987 with a property-led approach – a vision to create a flag ship site, by creating high-status accommodation for amenities such as offices, shops and major technological industries, capitalising the close proximity to Manchester’s city centre. This would encourage existing and new industry and business to develop, helping create an attractive environment with improved social facilities attracting people to both live and work in the area.
Between its opening and 1998, 1000 companies set up in the area creating 28,299 jobs and £1.759 million in private sector investment. The area, including the newly built ...

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