Examine the role TNCs play in the growth of globalization.

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Examine the role TNC’s play in the growth of globalization. (15)

Trans national corporations usually have their headquarters or financial headquarters in more economically developed countries such as UK, USA and Germany. The majority of products sold in these MEDC’s are produced in less economically developed countries or those with more industrially supported economy such as China or Thailand.

One large TNC that’s products are known all other the world is Nike. Its headquarters are located in Oregon, USA. Nike’s factories are in every continent except Africa, due to their lack of infrastructure and industrial power. Though Nike has 124 factories in China, 73 in Thailand and 34 in Vietnam. These would all be regarded as less economically developed countries, as the majority of their population lives in poverty or deprivation.  

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The spread of the TNC Nike, shows how it has grown to reach all areas of the globe, it has around 700 stores around the world and in 2015 sold 120,000,000 pair of shoes, most of which would have been mostly made in Asia and exported to countries all around the world. Nike operates on such a large scale around the world, with offices in 45 countries. Suggesting how this TNC has grown to a company with a market capital of 80 billion dollars, by global transportation and distribution of products, made in one country usually for a very ...

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