Explain the geographical challenges resulting from a greying population.

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Explain the Geographical challenges resulting from a greying population. [15]

A greying population, also known as an ageing population, is a term used to describe uneven age distribution, towards older ages. Many socio-economic and health consequences arise from a greying population, including the increase in the old-age dependency ratio. In addition, it presents challenges for public health as well as economic development.

One of the biggest problems is that the elderly are a strain on the NHS, it has been predicted that the percentage of over 65’s is expected to rise by 53% therefore, there is expected to be over 14 million over 65’s by 2031. This will clearly be catastrophic if there is little change in the younger population, as a result there will be a higher proportion of elderly people who require medical attention and care. The fact that elderly people are also more vulnerable to illness it means they will require hospitalisation however, there are restriction on the amount of hours staff are allowed to work meaning the NHS will be short on staff and this will put a huge amount of pressure on the health care. As a result more money will have to be spent and consequently the only way to fulfil this demand is through increasing the amount taxpayers pay as there is fewer economically independent people so more money will need to be generated through tax in order to support the increasing number of dependants in order to fund healthcare systems.

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Furthermore, clearly more nurses will have to be trained as well as more nursing homes and hospital will need to open which clearly is going to cost a lot of money, but with the younger population being considerably low it will increase the pressure on careers options, even then medicine is considered as one of the toughest courses at university so it’s a matter of would the younger population be able to cope with this demand in years to come. It may be that this wouldn’t be a risk the government would be prepared to take so another option ...

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