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AS and A Level: Population & Settlement

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  1. Free essay

    Carlisle Fieldwork Write Up

    How our methods of data collection could have been improved: We could have chosen to do the questionnaire at various times during the day so we would gain a fair representation of the different groups of people visiting Carlisle during the whole day, and therefore making our results much more reliable. Also we could have covered a much larger area and retained a lot more results and variety of results. Methods to represent data: We used a table to record the questionnaire results with the no.

    • Word count: 617
  2. Explain why development is a complex term to measure and define

    More recently, countries have been classed as MEDCs and LEDCs - more and less economically developed countries. However, this terminology is seen to place too much emphasis upon economic development rather than other factors such as culture, time spent with families and happiness of the population. Evidently, development is a very difficult term to define, and therefore is inevitably a difficult term to measure because it is uncertain what should be measured in order to satisfy the definition. The most commonly used measurement of development is a country's gross domestic product (GDP)

    • Word count: 1626
  3. Outline what is meant by a multicultural society, with reference to the UK at various different levels. Discuss the issues that have arisen form the development of multicultural societies. Discuss the different political attitudes to multiculturalism.

    The most diverse area in the UK is Brent in London where the white population is just 45.3% of the total. Across the UK however, there is actually a very small amount of ethnic minorities in proportion to the entire population with the white population making up 92.1% of the population and all other ethnicities being just 7.9%, just 4.6 million people. Half the population of the ethnic minorities were Asians of Indian, Pakistani or Bangladeshi origin. However, this has not been a constant as the population of immigrants has changed over time from the 1930's.

    • Word count: 658
  4. UK as a destination

    In my opinion this is the best form of atlas as it is a good source of information, all in one book and even though you could find all this information on the net the researcher may not have access at the specific time. The Internet: Some people who are not familiar with the way computers work seem to think that you can find information about anything online which in some cases is the case but not in all cases.

    • Word count: 1043
  5. Is Immigration Beneficial to the UK?

    Immigrants have brought to this country an obsession that I like to call the 'thought police.' You may know it as political 'correctness.' But is it correct? Where right and wrong come from is a whole different argument that I'm not even going to dare to touch on, but the idea is there. What justifies these people coming into our country and telling us what to say? Immigrants come to this country and get a share of the work our forefathers fought to give us.

    • Word count: 1370
  6. Free essay

    The Spatial Diffusion and Socio-economic Consequences of Avian Flu

    To slow down the movement of the disease because of human interference airports all across the globe started baggage controls and passed a law that the transportation on poultry was forbidden. These rules were removed when there was proofed that the disease spread through the wild birds, which were migrating from the south. (Source: "Ausbreitung der Gefl�gelpest/Vogelgrippe.") Scientists found out that the A/H5H1 virus has mutated and has evolved into a virus, which does not kill its host right away, but the animal stays alive only very mildly sick so it can spread the virus to more animals.

    • Word count: 1215
  7. Population and Resources. The effects on China and Bolivia.

    Social and economical development has been hampered and slowed as a result o rising population rate. Whilst the population rises, development is still not bridging the gap needed to raise quality of life. Factors affecting quality of life In 1999 the number of unemployed people in china was around 9.37 million. There are not enough jobs in china to go round everyone, only the well educated and plain lucky get jobs. This is a major economical and social issue, as those who cannot find work get frustrated and cannot support their families. Whilst under-nutrition and famine is not I widespread problem or concern in china today, the rising population in putting increased pressure on cereal supplies, both population and cereal population are rising but population is rising at a much higher rate.

    • Word count: 748
  8. Urbanisation the general characteristics

    o Some religions in LEDCs promote large families or condem contraceptive measures. For example, Mexico City in Mexico has a very large catholic population, in which relgion, contraceptive measures are frowned upon and discourages contraception. Fallin Death Rate In the past, the very hight deaths rates experienced my most LEDC countries tended to counterbalance the hight birth rates. Due to modern technological and medical advances death rates are fallin sharply. A combination of this fallin death rate and hight birth rate is producing a population explosion in LEDCs.

    • Word count: 1416
  9. Population policies

    Lower birth rates, higher death rates and out migration, reduced Russia's population at a 0.5% annual rate, or about 750,000 to 800,000 people per year during the late 1990s and most of this decade. The UN warned in 2005 that Russia's then population of about 143 million could fall by a third by 2050 if trends did not improve. A declining population is a major problem for Russia; it is the world's largest country and is one of the world's sparsely populated countries.

    • Word count: 1338
  10. AIDS Coursework

    Timeline of HIV/AIDS ~1930 - HIV transfers to humans in Africa. ~1970 - HIV enters the United States. 1970s - Western doctors remain ignorant of the growing epidemic. 1982 - AIDS is reported in several European countries. The name "AIDS" is created. 1984 - Scientists become aware that AIDS is affecting a large area of Africa. 1985 - AIDS is found in China, and has therefore been seen in all regions of the world. 1990 - Around 8 million people worldwide are living with AIDS. 1996 - Anti-retroviral drugs are shown to be effective against HIV. 2003 - The first AIDS vaccine is found to be ineffective. 2007 - Around 33 million people worldwide are living with HIV.

    • Word count: 1667
  11. Describe and explain the ways in which a rapid growth in population can pose a threat to the physical environment

    Carrying capacity is the largest population that an area or region can carry or support, through natural resources and space. The current escalation of food prices in the country, caused by: demand, poor supply. Poor food distribution can lead to starvation in different areas, with lots of food transported to urban areas leaving rural areas to rely on self-sufficiency. This then leads to an overall increase in inflation has once again drawn the attention to food, energy, and poverty, depleting natural resources, environment and population.

    • Word count: 1285
  12. Many Factors are Relevant to the Successful Management of Urban Areas. Discuss the Validity of this View

    Flats provide homes for the lower income families thus reducing homelessness in urban areas. Housing can be built on either Greenfield (never been used before) sites or Brownfield sites which have either derelict buildings or have already been in use. However builders are reluctant to use the Brownfield sites which are becoming more and more available each year and instead go for Greenfield sites which are more 'attractive' and fairly controversial. If more builders built flats and other types of housing on Brownfield sites this would result in more homes for people in the MEDW.

    • Word count: 1222
  13. Geography Coursework - Methodology - Centre Of Leeds' CBD

    traffic count 2. Environmental quality assessment The two pieces of group data we collected was: 1. Pedestrian flow 2. Land use 3. Building height The individual secondary data that I will be collecting is: 1. Land values The structure of the day was that we were going to split the day into two halves. We collected the group data in the morning and the individual data in the afternoon so we had much more time to collect our individual data. Group data For our group data we split the CBD into grid squares and two people were responsible for recording the building height

    • Word count: 1266
  14. Malthus Essay

    The unrest led to civil war between many Sunni and Shia Iraqis. it is a controversial issue however most people believe that is was not the belief that Iraq possessed and was actively developing weapons of mass destruction And the war was purely for America to take the Iraqis resources(oil). The Americans still haven't pull out of Iraq, and there have been untold amount of death and destruction. The current figures from when Iraq was first invaded in 2003 are between 75,775- 82,560 deaths.

    • Word count: 1190
  15. Free essay

    the natural environment - Geog essey

    The gulf and the coast was the main reason the central business district is located in Deria, it was also a place to stop for traveller were people can trade before crossing the creek by boat. Since technology has advanced the bridges make it easy accessible in and out and so settlements have slowly dispersed south west from the central business district and the creek. The coast is also a natural environment that has influenced Dubai incredibly, the coasts and climate make Dubai a good holiday destination.

    • Word count: 1615
  16. Mexico city speech

    The history of Mexico City is as vast as the city itself. The area where Mexico city is located was first called tay-nock-tee-lahn, which was the capital of the Aztec empire in 1440, the Aztec empire was conquered in the 1500's by the Spanish and gained independence in 1821,when it was named Mexico city and has served as the country's capital ever since. Click from this historical map of Mexico city in 1628 we can see the surrounding lakes which have today been drained, evenly spaced agriculture surrounding the city which had good access to the lakes for water, there's a main road running from the farms to the city to get food in quickly.

    • Word count: 2111
  17. Fiji, My Country

    Yet, 37 years since Independence, Fiji also has under its belt four armed takeovers of Government and three Constitutions - promulgated in 1970, 1990 and 1997. Today Fiji is a multi-cultural country with its citizens including Fijians and people of Indian, Chinese, Pacific Islander and European ethnicity. This has helped Fiji become a cultural melting pot of sorts in the South Pacific (and allows for a nice smorgasbord at parties!). Colonial legacies continue though... English is still the official language.

    • Word count: 1349
  18. Evaluate the success and wider consequences of China(TM)s One Child Policy

    o Due to the uncertainty of whether a child will later be able to provide for its parents, many parents have chosen to save money for later life. * Economic growth o The initial aim of the policy was purely economic, aiming to: * Reduce strain on natural resources * Maintaining a stable labour force * Reducing unemployment due to surplus population * Reducing the rate of exploitation * Increased involvement of women in the labour force o Women were at one time, the primary care givers for children, but with fewer children, they can focus more time on their careers.

    • Word count: 692
  19. one child policy

    �In the 1950's Chinas communist regimes attitude to the problem was to maximize it for military and strategic strength. �As a result of this the population continued to rise, leading to a famine in the late 1950's and early 1960's. �The problem could be addressed in many ways; 1. Young people were encouraged to migrate from east to west- this brought the Han Chinese culture to ethnic groups. 2) Productivity increased- intense farming meant jobs were lost to machinery 3)

    • Word count: 905
  20. New York -megacity

    Sheltered from the Atlantic by Long Island and with access to the interior of the country via the Hudson River, Manhattan provided the ideal gateway to North America. Because it has the best harbour on the eastern seaboard, Manhattan attracted many European traders, and first developed as the Dutch settlement of New Amsterdam. It was a flourishing port long before it was captured by the British in 1664 and renamed New York. It is estimated than more than half of the people and goods that have ever entered the USA came in through the docks of New York.

    • Word count: 792
  21. Outline the indicators used to identify patterns of development at a global scale and explain their limitations

    Where markets are less developed and trading is done informally through bartering. And most of the good are made for personal subsistence, GNP figures are unreliable. Comparison of GNP figures requires the use of a single currency, usually dollars, but the exchange rates fluctuate. Also, GNP is a vast average and hides extreme distribution of income between and across socio-economic groups. This is particularly true in the LEDCs where there may be a few extremely wealthy people but many poor.

    • Word count: 1611
  22. Outline the regeneration of the London Docklands

    This area continued to grow especially with the opening of the King George v Dock in the Royal Docks in July 1921, opened by the king, this new port helped the port to grow further by the 1930's the port of London carried 35 million tonnes of cargo at an estimated value of �700 million and with 55,000 ships visiting the docks annually, and with over 10,000 lighters. This boom in the industry led to 100,000 people depending on the port of London who themselves employed over 30,000 people at the docks despite there being huge unemployment in the east end of London during the 1930's.

    • Word count: 1832
  23. Suggest & explain why, within a country, crude birth rate varies over time

    Voluntary polices include spreading information about family planning clinics with funding form the World Health Organization. They reach out to try and persuade the population to keep below a certain number of children. The earliest examples are in India and Pakistan and now Indonesia is following in their footsteps with setting up 2000 family planning clinics. However some governments turned to an involuntary anti-natal policy, Chinas one child policy is an example of this but researchers are realizing today that even though it may have been strict at the time they have come to understand that it has had very little impact on the population at all.

    • Word count: 2104
  24. A study to investigate whether Lincoln is a clone town

    I also wrote a null and alternative hypothesis which I tested during my investigation. The question, 'Is there an association between the ownership of retail outlets and the type of settlement?' is clear, understandable and shows clearly what I am looking for. It is easy to stay focused during the investigation as you are surrounded by shops and there was a lot to do. During the investigation I did a census of the shops in each area, I did a pedestrian count, counting people going both in and out of the area.

    • Word count: 1510

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