In a city in the UK, urban redevelopment and urban regeneration have been considered to solve the pr

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In a city in the UK, urban redevelopment and urban regeneration have been considered to solve the problem of urban decay in slums. Which do you think is a better idea?

        I am going to use the city of Glasgow as a case study to show the effects of urban redevelopment, and urban regeneration, and from his I will decide which is the better idea for stopping the urban decay in slums.

        Urban redevelopment is the knocking down and replacing and rebuilding in urban areas. It happened in Glasgow between 1957 and 1974. It involved the clearance of tenement housing in the inner city areas of the city. Houses were flattened to the ground with bulldozers and the existing communities were broken up and forced to split up and relocate to new housing estates on the edge of the city. This new housing was supposed to replace the inner city housing, which dated from as far back as the nineteenth century. The tenements which were demolished had been built extremely quickly and densely, so that as many families as possible could be housed in a small area. Therefore, this housing was high-density, of poor quality, and overcrowded. There were few amenities provided in the houses (such as no indoor WC, bathroom, sewerage or electricity). For these reasons, the local government decided it was necessary to redevelop the inner city sites and re-house existing families in modern housing. However this new housing mostly consisted of high- rise blocks, and this caused many problems.

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The government built around 250 of these high rise flats because the advantages were seen as follows:

  • High density of population could be housed using small ground space
  • They were ‘modern’ compared with the housing stock that people were moved out of
  • They were relatively cheap to build
  • They were seen as an ideal social environment – with their shared open space, which was supposed to promote a sense of community and shared pride in their local environment

However, the later part of the last century saw many of these high rise blocks destroyed and replaced by low-rise ...

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