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Is tourism a double edged sword?

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´╗┐Is tourism a double edged sword? Nowadays, tourism has become one of the biggest industries in the world. It provides jobs for 225 million people globally. Tourism can be defined as travelling away from the home environment for some reasons. Reasons can be like recreational, leisure, business etc. Tourism industry is growing because of technological improvement, because it is making travelling easier and faster. But everything has it?s positive and negative sides, by analysing the examples and facts of real life it is possible to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of tourism. To begin with there are benefits of tourism for both the tourist and the host destination. ...read more.


In many places the introduction and development of tourism allows local people an opportunity for economic growth, that would not otherwise be available. In addition, it allows the tourist a chance to experience other cultures, which broadens understanding. The tourism is a great way for people to learn more and improve knowledge about culture of other countries and nations. On the other hand tourism industry has a lot?s of disadvantages. Tourism brings lot?s of social problems. Tourism in certain areas can destroy the culture of the tourist location, old traditions may be lost or certain skills may be forgotten due to modernization, for example, residents forgetting how to farm. ...read more.


The disadvantage of tourism is that it can ruin the environment. Tourists are increasing the amount of pollution in many places. For example in recent years traffic in the Himalayan Region has increased drastically, in large part due to the desire if increased numbers of climbers to ascend Mount Everest. Climbers leaves their trash everywhere, at different altitudes. Garbage on the mountain includes climbing equipment, foods, plastics etc. All things considered it can be said that the tourism is a double edged sword. Tourism like everything have it?s own advantages and disadvantages. I think if human will learn to treat everything right with understanding, respect and without harm for something it?ll be great breakthrough. ...read more.

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